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Name: Vogel Slide Collection (view sites)
Original Owner: Robert M. Vogel
Owner: Michigan Technological University
Copyright: -
Notes: Robert M. Vogel laid the foundations for the Society for Industrial Archeology and sustained the organization in its earliest years. As the first editor of the SIA Newsletter, from 1971 to 1979, he stamped the organization with his distinctive good humor and unbridled enthusiasm for industrial heritage preservation.

In the 1960s, his seminal work on the New England textile mill and Hudson-Mohawk Valley surveys established important benchmarks for field recording and documentation, and led to the establishment of the Historic American Engineering Record.

As an authority in the field and longtime curator of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Smithsonian Institution, Vogel inspired countless others to champion, as he did so vigorously, the cause of "IA."

The images in this collection represent over thirty years of travel to sites of significant industrial heritage around the world, some of which no longer exist as depicted. In 2004 Vogel generously donated his slide collection to Michigan Technological University, where the originals are now, under the care of the Industrial Archaeology program.